Firm Profile

Belmont Freeman Architects is an award-winning design firm that provides architectural services to institutional, commercial, and residential clients. The firm enjoys a reputation for innovative design, highly personalized service, and efficient management of the most complex construction and renovation projects. Belmont Freeman Architects has received numerous awards for its work, which has been published widely in the international design press. Founded in 1986 and based in New York City, the firm has built work in North America, Europe and Asia.

Belmont Freeman Architects offers full architectural services, from programming and schematic planning to computer visualization, construction administration and interior design. BFA also provides structural, mechanical, electrical, civil, and landscape design through its experienced team of subconsultants.

BFA is certified by New York City and State as a Minority Business Enterprise (Hispanic).

Design Philosophy

Belmont Freeman Architects is a firm committed to providing elegant and appropriate solutions to each client's programmatic needs. We believe in economy of means, both material and aesthetic. We thrive on the analytical rigor required to bring order to complex functional, technical and contextual problems, and the progressive design that their intelligent synthesis can yield. Belmont Freeman Architects is pleased to avoid over-specialization in our practice, and we embrace the opportunities for cross fertilization that the firm's varied project types afford. We likewise embrace environmental responsibility as an essential criterion of architecture, and principles of sustainable design inform our work at every level.